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ur50:Q9U695_CULPI Cytochrome P450 (Fragment) n=2 Tax=Culex pipiens pallens
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taxid:200810 Ptychostomum pallens (species), Bryum pallens (synonym), Bryum pallens Sw. (authority), Plagiobryum pallens (synonym), Plagiobryum pallens (Sw.) N.Pedersen (authority), Ptychostomum pallens (Sw.) J.R.Spence (authority).
taxid:97436 Viola macloskeyi subsp. pallens (subspecies), Viola macloskeyi ssp pallens (misspelling), Viola macloskeyi subsp. pallens (Banks ex Ging.) M.S.Baker (authority), Viola macloskeyi var. pallens (synonym), Viola macloskeyi var. pallens (Banks ex DC.) C.L.Hitchc. (authority), northern white violet (common name).
taxid:997353 Prevotella pallens ATCC 700821 (no rank), Prevotella pallens AHN 10371 (synonym), Prevotella pallens JCM 11140 (synonym), Prevotella pallens str. ATCC 700821 (equivalent name), Prevotella pallens strain ATCC 700821 (equivalent name).
taxid:203336 Tigrigobius pallens (species), Elacatinus pallens (synonym), Garmannia pallens (synonym), Tigrigobius pallens (Ginsburg, 1939) (authority).
taxid:115926 Boechera pulchra var. pallens (varietas), Arabis pulchra var. pallens (synonym), Arabis pulchra var. pallens M.E.Jones (synonym), Boechera pulchra var. pallens (M.E.Jones) Dorn (synonym).
taxid:344076 Erigeron pallens (species), Erigeron pallens Cronquist (synonym), Erigeron purpuratus subsp. pallens (synonym), Erigeron purpuratus subsp. pallens (Cronquist) G.W.Douglas (synonym).
taxid:746794 Dianthus pallens (species), Dianthus monadelphus subsp. pallens (synonym), Dianthus monadelphus subsp. pallens (Sm.) Greuter & Burdet (authority), Dianthus pallens Sm. (authority).
taxid:352815 Pseudomuscari pallens (species), Muscari pallens (synonym), Muscari pallens (M.Bieb.) Fisch. (authority), Pseudomuscari pallens (M.Bieb.) Garbari (authority).
taxid:178121 Calyptranthes pallens (species), Calyptranthes pallens Griseb. (synonym), Chytraculia pallens (synonym).
taxid:417485 Chrysopa pallens (species), Chrysopa pallens (Rambur, 1838) (synonym).
taxid:345919 Agrostis pallens (species), Agrostis pallens Trin. (synonym).
taxid:359617 Prenia pallens subsp. pallens (subspecies).
taxid:212083 Phalaenopsis pallens (species), Phalaenopsis pallens (Lindl.) Rchb.f. (synonym).
taxid:1056923 Ichnanthus pallens var. major (varietas), Ichnanthus pallens var. major (Nees) Stieber (authority).
taxid:433203 Cephaloon pallens (species), Cephaloon pallens (Motschulsky, 1860) (synonym).
taxid:60133 Prevotella pallens (species), AHN 10371 (type material), ATCC 700821 (type material), CCUG 39484 (type material), CIP 105551 (type material), JCM 11140 (type material), NCTC 13042 (type material), Prevotella intermedia / Prevotella nigrescens-like organism (PINLO) (synonym), Prevotella pallens Kononen et al. 1998 (authority).
taxid:42434 Culex pipiens pallens (subspecies), Culex (Culex) pipiens pallens (synonym).
taxid:1130858 Verbesina pallens (species), Verbesina pallens Benth. (authority).
taxid:878254 Buenoa pallens (species), Buenoa pallens (Champion, 1901) (authority).
taxid:696232 Oxycarenus pallens (species), Oxycarenus pallens (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1850) (authority).
taxid:344110 Neolitsea pallens (species), Neolitsea pallens (D.Don) Momiy. & H.Hara (synonym).
taxid:881461 Geocoris pallens (species), Geocoris pallens Stal, 1854 (authority).
taxid:412877 Orthotrichum pallens (species), Orthotrichum pallens Bruch ex Brid. (synonym).
taxid:462443 Hertia pallens (species), Hertia pallens (DC.) Kuntze (synonym).
taxid:152711 Calydorea pallens (species), Calydorea pallens Griseb. (authority).
taxid:863818 Orthotylus pallens (species), Orthotylus pallens Knight, 1968 (authority).
taxid:1125849 Baloskion pallens (species), Baloskion pallens (R.Br.) B.G.Briggs & L.A.S.Johnson (authority).
taxid:292298 Satyrium pallens (species), Satyrium pallens S.D.Johnson & Kurzweil (synonym).
taxid:269012 Hypericum pallens (species), Hypericum pallens Banks & Solander (synonym).
taxid:1017139 Viola pallens (species), Viola pallens (Banks ex DC.) Brainerd (authority).
taxid:359614 Prenia pallens (species), Prenia pallens (Aiton) N.E.Br. (synonym).
taxid:160454 Enterococcus pallens (species), ATCC BAA-351 (type material), CCUG 45554 (type material), Enterococcus pallens Tyrrell et al. 2002 (authority), NBRC 100697 (type material), strain PQ2 (type material).
taxid:110296 Eleocharis pallens (species), Eleocharis pallens S.T.Blake (authority).
taxid:1149919 Cymatoderma pallens (species), Cymatoderma pallens Berthet & Boidin 1966 (authority).
taxid:138057 Havardia pallens (species), Havardia pallens (Benth.) Britton & Rose (synonym).
taxid:359616 Prenia pallens subsp. namaquensis (subspecies), Prenia pallens subsp. namaquensis Gerbaulet (synonym).
taxid:370524 Mycobacterium pallens (species), ATCC BAA-1372 (type material), CIP 109268 (type material), JCM 16370 (type material), Mycobacterium pallens Hennessee et al. 2009 (authority), Mycobacterium sp. czh-8 (includes), strain czh-8 (type material).
taxid:291682 Nonea pallens (species), Nonea pallens Petrovic (authority).
taxid:987986 Mythimna pallens (species), Mythimna pallens (Linnaeus, 1758) (authority).
taxid:663511 Argia pallens (species), Argia pallens Calvert, 1902 (authority).
taxid:529866 Tricalysia pallens (species), Tricalysia pallens Hiern (synonym).
taxid:158109 Ichnanthus pallens (species), Ichnanthus pallens (Sw.) Munro ex Benth. (authority).
taxid:890004 Ficinia pallens (species), Ficinia pallens (Schrad.) Nees (authority).
taxid:292168 Pseudomyrmex pallens (species), Pseudomyrmex pallens (Mayr, 1870) (authority).
taxid:256028 Festuca pallens subsp. pallens (subspecies).
taxid:1055471 Argyrochosma pallens (species), Argyrochosma pallens (Weath.) Windham (authority).
taxid:177108 Chionochloa pallens (species), Chionochloa pallens Zotov (authority).
taxid:95513 Anastrepha pallens (species), Anastrepha pallens Coquillett, 1904 (synonym).
taxid:1009568 Apodostigma pallens (species), Apodostigma pallens (Planch. ex Oliv.) R.Wilczek (authority).
taxid:451076 Ochropteris pallens (species), Ochropteris pallens (Sw.) J.Sm. (synonym).
taxid:245468 Hampeella pallens (species), Hampeella pallens (Sande Lac.) M.Fleisch. (synonym).
taxid:661378 Chionochloa pallens subsp. cadens (subspecies), Chionochloa pallens subsp. cadens Connor (authority).
taxid:661379 Chionochloa pallens subsp. pilosa (subspecies), Chionochloa pallens subsp. pilosa Connor (authority).
taxid:28659 Trigona pallens (species), Trigona pallens (Fabricius, 1798) (synonym).
taxid:359615 Prenia pallens subsp. lutea (subspecies), Prenia pallens subsp. lutea L.Bolus (synonym).
taxid:378902 Polhillia pallens (species), Polhillia pallens C.H.Stirt. (synonym).
taxid:1158607 Enterococcus pallens ATCC BAA-351 (no rank), Enterococcus pallens EnGen0274 (synonym).
taxid:136010 Glyptotendipes pallens (species).
taxid:159249 Monascus pallens (species).
taxid:1215605 Wolbachia endosymbiont of Culex pipiens pallens (species).
taxid:863285 Eleocharis aff. pallens EHR-2010 (species).
taxid:611136 Leptomyrmex pallens (species).
taxid:395043 Biatora pallens (species).
taxid:296644 Drosophila malerkotliana pallens (subspecies).
taxid:36974 Symploce pallens (species).
taxid:225185 Festuca pallens (species).
taxid:465914 Culex pipiens pallens densovirus (species).
taxid:145596 Trochomorpha pallens (species).
taxid:256668 Apoica pallens (species).
taxid:274615 Schistocerca pallens (species).
taxid:349308 Stenopsyche pallens (species).
taxid:245256 Oxalis pallens (species).
taxid:322446 Pleotomus pallens (species).
taxid:60956 Theromyzon pallens (species).
taxid:91386 Angiopolybia pallens (species).
taxid:313904 Paspalum pallens (species).
taxid:392352 Cortinarius pallens (species).
taxid:145982 Chimonocalamus pallens (species).
taxid:75103 Cantharellus pallens (species).