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This form lets you produce the non-redundant list of all motifs that appear, at least once, in the proteins whose identifiers are listed in the text area below.
Borderline matches are reported if include weak matches is checked.
Sequence Input

Maximum number of input sequences is 100
Maximum number of hits reported is 50000

Mandatory parameters
mot_source hamap - HAMAP profiles
pat - PROSITE patterns
freq_pat - PROSITE patterns (frequent match producers)
prf - PROSITE profiles
pre - More profiles
ipat - The PROSITE patterns from InterPro
iprf - The PROSITE profiles from InterPro
ipfam - The PFAM motifs from InterPro
ismart - The SMART motifs from InterPro
ihamap - The HAMAP profiles from InterPro
pfam_fs - Pfam HMMs (local models)
pfam_ls - Pfam HMMs (global models)
Include weak matches Yes No