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Hits is a free database devoted to protein domains. It is also a collection of tools for the investigation of the relationships between protein sequences and motifs described on them. These motifs are defined by an heterogeneous collection of predictors, which currently includes regular expressions, generalized profiles and hidden Markov models.

Last news
Jul 2019 Update some tools: hmmer3, mafft and R based tools
Jun 2017 Update of protein databases
Feb 2017 New Dotlet javascript-based available in beta!
Dec 2014 Update mafft to version 7.187
Apr 2014 Update BLASTP/PSI-BLAST to BLAST+ version 2.2.28
Sep 2013 Update mafft to version 7.058b
Sep 2013 Update hmmer3 to version 3.1b1
Aug 2013 Link to new TCoffee server
May 2011 New Web interface
Apr 2010 Add hmmer3 service.
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