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Good multiple alignments tools are required for the generation of better motif descriptors (pat, prf, hmm). However these tools are computer intensive, try to limit yourself...

Tips: ClustalW is faster than T-Coffee, but T-Coffee is more accurate, especially when sequences share less than 30% identity. MAFFT is much faster than ClustalW and T-Coffee and very accurate.

General advices
Input You must paste at least 3 sequences (or identifiers). The limitations, on the upper number of sequences (or identifiers) and the total number of residues allowed, may vary according to the current hardware availability.
Sequence format The input sequences must be in FASTA (Pearson) format.

Example: (cut&paste in the tool text area)

Sequence names Each sequence must have a different name (8 first characters are significants).
Other Avoid special characters, e.g. +"*%&/()!?'@€<>,;:$=|
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