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DescriptionSorocea (genus), Sorocea A.St.-Hil. (synonym).
Parent nodes
  • taxid:3487 Moraceae (family), Moraceae Link (synonym), mulberry family (common name).
Child nodes
  • taxid:241923 Sorocea muriculata (species), Sorocea muriculata Miq. (synonym).
  • taxid:241924 Sorocea pubivena (species), Sorocea pubivena Hemsl. (synonym).
  • taxid:382338 Sorocea steinbachii (species), Sorocea steinbachii C.C.Berg (synonym).
  • taxid:709070 Sorocea pileata (species), Sorocea pileata W.C.Burger (authority).
  • taxid:1160462 Sorocea sp. MHPAA298-08 (species).
  • taxid:241920 Sorocea affinis (species), Sorocea affinis Hemsl. (synonym).
  • taxid:241921 Sorocea bonplandii (species), Sorocea bonplandii (Baill.) W.C.Burger, Lanj. & Wess.Boer (synonym).
  • taxid:241922 Sorocea briquetii (species), Sorocea briquetii J.F.Macbr. (synonym).
  • taxid:1160461 Sorocea sp. MHPAA297-08 (species).
  • taxid:1160463 Sorocea sp. MHPAA299-08 (species).
  • taxid:1160464 Sorocea sp. MHPAA597-08 (species).
See also241919
ID   241919           TAXONOMY;
DE   Sorocea (genus).
PA   3487 (parent ID)
CC   synonym = Sorocea A.St.-Hil.
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