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DescriptionPerebea (genus), Perebea Aubl. (synonym).
Parent nodes
  • taxid:3487 Moraceae (family), Moraceae Link (synonym), mulberry family (common name).
Child nodes
  • taxid:241905 Perebea guianensis (species), Perebea guianensis Aubl. (synonym).
  • taxid:241908 Perebea xanthochyma (species), Perebea xanthochyma H.Karst. (synonym).
  • taxid:241906 Perebea humilis (species), Perebea humilis C.C.Berg (synonym).
  • taxid:382337 Perebea rubra (species), Perebea rubra (Trecul) C.C.Berg (synonym).
  • taxid:382340 Perebea longepedunculata (species), Perebea longepedunculata C.C.Berg (synonym).
  • taxid:241904 Perebea angustifolia (species), Perebea angustifolia (Poepp. & Endl.) C.C.Berg (synonym).
See also241903
ID   241903           TAXONOMY;
DE   Perebea (genus).
PA   3487 (parent ID)
CC   synonym = Perebea Aubl.
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CC   This entry is a placeholder for the corresponding entry in the NCBI
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