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DescriptionDorstenia (genus), Dorstenia L. (authority).
Parent nodes
  • taxid:3487 Moraceae (family), Moraceae Link (synonym), mulberry family (common name).
Child nodes
  • taxid:984798 Dorstenia cayapia (species), Dorstenia cayapia Vell. (authority).
  • taxid:984810 Dorstenia hirta (species), Dorstenia hirta Desv. (authority).
  • taxid:984811 Dorstenia holstii (species), Dorstenia holstii Engl. (authority).
  • taxid:984821 Dorstenia turbinata (species), Dorstenia turbinata Engl. (authority).
  • taxid:382339 Dorstenia bahiensis (species), Dorstenia bahiensis Fisch. & C.A.Mey. (authority).
  • taxid:647289 Dorstenia sp. 1645 (species).
  • taxid:984797 Dorstenia brownii (species), Dorstenia brownii Rendle (authority).
  • taxid:984809 Dorstenia foetida (species), Dorstenia foetida Schweinf. (authority).
  • taxid:984813 Dorstenia lindeniana (species), Dorstenia lindeniana Bureau (authority).
  • taxid:984815 Dorstenia nummularia (species), Dorstenia nummularia Urb. & Ekman (authority).
  • taxid:984816 Dorstenia peruviana (species), Dorstenia peruviana C.C.Berg (authority).
  • taxid:984819 Dorstenia roigii (species), Dorstenia roigii Britton (authority).
  • taxid:194258 Dorstenia mannii (species), Dorstenia manii (misspelling), Dorstenia mannii Hook.f. (authority).
  • taxid:984793 Dorstenia africana (species), Dorstenia africana (Baill.) C.C.Berg (authority).
  • taxid:984794 Dorstenia alta (species), Dorstenia alta Engl. (authority).
  • taxid:984801 Dorstenia contrajerva (species), Dorstenia contrajerva L. (authority).
  • taxid:984806 Dorstenia elliptica (species), Dorstenia elliptica Bureau (authority).
  • taxid:984807 Dorstenia excentrica (species), Dorstenia excentrica Moric. (authority).
  • taxid:984820 Dorstenia tayloriana (species), Dorstenia tayloriana Rendle (authority).
  • taxid:984822 Dorstenia variifolia (species), Dorstenia varifolia (misspelling), Dorstenia variifolia Engl. (authority).
  • taxid:241878 Dorstenia hildebrandtii (species), Dorstenia hildebrandtii Engl. (authority), Dorstenia hildebrantii (misspelling).
  • taxid:984814 Dorstenia milaneziana (species), Dorstenia milaneziana Carauta, C.Valente & Sucre (authority).
  • taxid:984817 Dorstenia picta (species), Dorstenia picta Bureau (authority).
  • taxid:241877 Dorstenia choconiana (species), Dorstenia choconiana S.Watson (authority).
  • taxid:984795 Dorstenia benguellensis (species), Dorstenia benguellensis Welw. (authority).
  • taxid:984796 Dorstenia brasiliensis (species), Dorstenia brasiliensis Lam. (authority).
  • taxid:984812 Dorstenia kameruniana (species), Dorstenia kameruniana Engl. (authority).
  • taxid:106723 Dorstenia psilurus (species), Dorstenia psilurus Welw. (authority).
  • taxid:984802 Dorstenia cuspidata (species), Dorstenia cuspidata Hochst. ex A.Rich. (authority).
  • taxid:241876 Dorstenia arifolia (species), Dorstenia arifolia Lam. (authority).
  • taxid:984804 Dorstenia drakena (species), Dorstenia drakena L. (authority).
  • taxid:984805 Dorstenia elata (species), Dorstenia elata Hook. (authority).
  • taxid:984803 Dorstenia djettii (species), Dorstenia djetti (misspelling), Dorstenia djettii Guillaumet (authority).
  • taxid:984808 Dorstenia fawcettii (species), Dorstenia fawcettii Urb. (authority).
See also106722
ID   106722           TAXONOMY;
DE   Dorstenia (genus).
PA   3487 (parent ID)
CC   authority = Dorstenia L.
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